Puppy School Training Classes

Puppy School Ltd

Puppy School classes, unlike some training classes, are kept small so that each puppy gets the individual attention they deserve.  Puppies up to the starting age of 20 weeks are accepted onto courses and all members of the family are welcome.  Only positive training methods are used in classes and exercises are built up over the duration of the course in order to help puppies understand commands.


Puppy School was founded in 2002 by Gwen Bailey,  an internationally renowned behavourist and author of several books including Perfect Puppy and What is My Dog Thinking? As a Puppy School tutor I have been trained by Gwen and regularly attend training courses run personally by Gwen for tutors, ensuring we all keep up to date and work to the highest standards.


Classes are run as a 6 week course and cover the following:


  • Come when called
  • Sit, lie down, stand on command
  • Walk on a loose lead without pulling
  • Accept handling (including for vets and groomers)
  • Wait
  • 'Settle'
  • 'Leave' when asked
  • Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chews
  • Stop play biting
  • Be sociable with humans and other puppies
  • Greet people without jumping up


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