About Bonnie:

I was born into a family of animal lovers and have always had a dog in the family. During school I managed to gain voluntary work caring for many different animals in a Rescue Centre.   This enabled me to gain a wide range of experience in the needs of different animals.  It was during this time I gained a particular love for horses, pushing me to want to gain further experience. My determination paid off when I found work at a riding school during the weekends, where I would assist with helping out around the stables and caring for the horses.  At 16 I decided that my passion for horses was something I needed to follow as a career.  I gained employment at a horse racing yard and moved to Newmarket.

Some years later, after having a family of my own and having extensive experience of training my own dogs, I decided to gain qualifications to become a dog trainer with the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour .  

Training your dog is extremely rewarding and the benefits are far reaching, sign up today and start building a new level of relationship with your pooch!

For reward-based training in Stafford and Short Heath please contact Bonnie on 07913 327 418 bpwright43@googlemail.com