Behaviour Services

I offer a home visiting service to discuss pet behaviour concerns that you may have and of course consider suitable solutions.  I am a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), which means having gained the relevant academic qualifications I am gaining the practical experience necessary for full membership.  I have an interest in a range of species including dogs, cats, rodents and birds.  I keep up to date with developments and actively take an interest in the APBC member forums (including chickens and exotics).  I have written an article entilted 'An Introduction to Keeping Rats as Pets' which can be found on the APBC website.


Prior to a home visit I will ask for a vet referral (which can be obtained by myself having permission to contact your vet for medical history) as it is important to rule out medical conditions (past and present) which may have caused your pet to behave in a certain way.  When visiting you and your pet, I will offer advice as well as sending you a report which may also be shared with your vet.


The current cost of a behaviour session is £80 for approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours).  If you wish to have more than one visit (in order to monitor your pets progress) then 2 visits can be pre-booked for the cost of £150 (travel expenses may need to be added depending on the area you live in).  The timescale of these visits are to suit you and your pets needs.

Please note: Due to maternity leave there are currently no services on offer.