Polly being trained at home

1:1 Dog Training

Sometimes you may simply wish to have 1:1 training with your dog.  This can be for a variety of reasons including being unable to make class times or simply wishing to work with your dog alone. In this case, I will discuss with you where you prefer to train, either at your home or in a hall.


A training programme will be devised depending on your needs and timescale.  If carrying out 1:1 training with you, I will give you written notes of techniques and exercises discussed in order that you can practice in between training sessions.  The amount of training sessions you have is entirely up to you, I would however recommend a minimum of two sessions in order to check on your dogs progress and discuss any modifications needed to the original training plan.


The current cost of an initial consultation (approximately 1 1/2 hours) is £40 per dog.  Subsequent sessions will be charged at £25 per hour per dog.  Additional charges may be added for travelling expenses or the need to hire a hall.  Please contact me for details.