I am very pleased to be a Perfect Fit Specialist as this means I am able to measure your dog and put together a harness that suits them perfectly. Prices vary according to the size of the harness chosen.


* Easy to put on  & take off by using 3 clips - look for the two "V" shapes (one on the Top and one on the Front) and clip "C" around the neck. Swing the rest of the harness between the dog's legs and clip "A" and "B" into position

* Adjustable in 5 places - over shoulders, front of chest and around the girth

* Made from 3 pieces - Top, Front and Girth - which are available in a wide range of sizes to get an exact fit for your dog (or cat, pig, etc). For instance, a Border Collie may have a Perfect Fit Harness made up from a Medium Top, Small Front, and Large Girth - all in the 20mm Range.

* Pieces can be replaced - as your dog grows - if you want a different coloured top - if a piece becomes damaged or chewed

* Front pieces are available with or without a D ring - for use with a double ended lead for added control.
We offer the option (at no extra cost) of Front Pieces with an extra D ring placed at the centre of the dog's breast bone. This modification offers handlers the option of clipping a double ended lead to not only the top of the harness but also to this front D ring, enabling them to improve the steering of the dog and reduce or prevent pulling. Never have both ends of lead tight as the same time. Most of the time keep the dog's weight on the back D ring, then when he pulls forward relax that end of the lead and turn him with the lead at the front.

The front D ring is not designed to be used on its own - a lead must also be attached at the back.